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Publicado el 07-24-2009

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association-PAC HJTA-PAC BACKS THE OUSTER OF TAXRAISER

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Sacramento --- The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Political Action Committee announced today it has formally endorsed the recall of Anthony Adams, an Assemblymember who brazenly violated his pledge to his constituents not to raise their taxes.

Adams, who represents parts of Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, cast one of the deciding votes that imposed the highest tax increase in the history of all 50 states.

HJTA-PAC President Jon Coupal said the PAC's action is based both on principle and on the practical. "Voters have every right to toss out politicians who lie in order to gain office and who demonstrate they have no intention of defending the interests of those who elected them," said Coupal. "Blocking further damaging tax increases requires we have lawmakers the taxpayers can trust, and Adams has proven he cannot be trusted."

In February, thanks to Adams, the Legislature imposed higher sales taxes, already the highest in the nation; higher income taxes, already the highest in the nation; higher car taxes, now the highest in the nation and increased taxes on families with children. Since casting votes which inflicted irreparable harm on already overburdened taxpayers, both working and unemployed, Adams has maintained that he deserves credit for acting courageously. "What Adams deserves," added Coupal, "is to be shown the door."

For additional information about the Recall of Assemblymember Anthony Adams, visit: http://www.RecallAdams.org.
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